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Lethal Acrodermatitis In Bull & Miniature Bull Terriers:


This site is for raising awareness of Lethal Acrodermatitis (Zincer) in Bull & Miniature Bull Terriers. We are hoping to get this information out to people who do not fully understand or need advice and/or support about LAD, be they breeders of LAD puppies, owners of LAD puppies/dogs or just those with a genuine interest in BT health issues. We also want to show that with medication and support there is an alternative other than PTS for some of these special little ones.


You can also use this site to follow three very special little LAD affected (Zincers) Miniature Bull siblings. Ella, Wilma & Jasper, watch them thrive in normal home surroundings with love and dedication, all the ups and the downs. Click 'Miniature Trio' tab above to follow them.


Elsa thinking about it!

Mojo contemplating life!

Lucy will not be sharing these!


I had met a little LAD affected (Zincer) girl on several occasions and had fallen head over heels for the charm & peculiarity of these little one's, I listened and learnt as much as I could from those who had experience and knowledge on this condition and had kept several LAD babes in the past, when I was offered to adopt a little LAD girl of my own I jumped at the opportunity. Lottie was my first Zincer (L.A.D - Lethal Acrodermatitis) who was just adorable, she lived just a week short of her first birthday as much as it broke my heart I knew she would not be the last.


I learnt a lot about this condition including lots of information from my vet and of course from adopting LAD dogs myself, but there was little information available to breeders & owners around the internet, this inspired to me start the LAD website to try and collate information from those who had the experience together in one place. This website has been viewed by many people, those looking for help and advice as well as those interested in the health of Bull & Mini Bull Terriers.


If you have or have had a LAD babe and would like to share your experience/s on the information page and/or add pictures to the gallery, please contact me at arcazybts@aol.com.

Susie (Arcazy)


She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are her life, her love, her leader.

She will be yours, faithful, and true,

to the last beat of her heart.

You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.



Mini Bull Terrier 3 zincer siblings Jasper, Wilma and Ella

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